28 February 2016

A leap year update

The latest project to go out the door was nine films for the British Thoracic Society. These were delivered last week.
The BTS is a really excellent organisation that exists to improve the treatment of lung disease in all its various forms.
The films used material that we shot over two days at their Wintermeet.
This is a three day conference during which a huge amount of useful information gets exchanged between practitioners throughout the field.
Leading to many positive outcomes eg the raising of standards of care, the development of new treatment techniques.
Each film had a different objective.
For example:
One film introduced respiratory medicine to junior doctors in case they may decide to take up a career in this area.
Another explained what stop-smoking champions are and how people working in hospitals can set up a smoking cessation service.
They are all extremely nice and extremely clever people. It has been a huge pleasure to work with them.
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