Wine Weaver, Lia Ditton, Lago Film Festival

Currently I am putting the finishing touches to a 30 second commercial for an excellent product to improve the taste of your wine called Wine Weaver. It’s been an interesting film to work on. More details soon.

Yesterday I filmed some pieces to camera with Lia Ditton. About her latest project Open Boat Orchestra. Take a look at her website. The project is unique and pretty amazing.

And next month Frog Party will be showing at the Lago Film Fest in Italy. An open air festival next to a lake. The nice people from Lago contacted me to ask if I would enter Frog Party for their Limno competition please. Let’s hope they enjoy it.

I am upgrading my editing software from Avid Liquid to Avid Media Composer. It’s nearly £2,000 but it is the industry standard ie most films and tv shows are edited with Avid. It’s powerful and has some great features.
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