an overdue update

Recently completed: a series of 8 films for Pure Smiles Dental Practice in Fulham.
The concept behind these films was to ask their clients to talk about the practice.
So there are no technical shots. Just people talking about what they like about Pure Smiles.
We made a showreel and seven subsidiary films, each one about a different aspect of the treatments on offer.
You can see one of them here:
cosmetic and restorative dentistry
Pure Smiles are planning to use the films on their homepage. I will post a link when website is up.

Another film that was completed recently was for a Russian VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone company. The challenge was to explain what the phone offers and to make it interesting.
Luckily I found an excellent actor, Chris Grimes, to team up with. The film was shot in a green screen studio in one day. The green screen allows you to key out the background and to replace it with whatever you like. This technique and Chris’s natural abilities as a comic form the foundation of this film. Here is an extract:
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